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Rise AM & Reset
PM + Protandim Dual
Synergizer Stack

Energize your cells and neutralize oxidative stress with Protandim® Dual Synergizer, plus support activation and whole-body health with the LifeVantage® Rise AM™ & Reset PM™ System.*

159.99 USD


LifeVantage is a science-based network marketing company that develops nutraceutical products, which are intended to deliver significant health benefits to customers.

LifeVantage has supplements that range from nutrition, to fitness to beauty essentials. Products are not limited to people, there are also products supplements available for pets.

LifeVantage is affiliated with the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), an international association representing the best natural products and dietary supplements that is committed to providing its consumers with natural health products. Apart from this, LifeVantage also has certifications from NSF, which regulates product testing and compliance to a set of standards that ensures consumer safety, and BSCG - the group responsible for certifying supplements and functional foods.

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